April 2017

Christian Schmidt joins The Geneva Association, with a focus on macroprudential regulation.
Christian was Head of Macroprudential Supervision and Chief Economist at Liechtenstein’s Financial Market Authority, and prior to this, a Senior Economist at Swiss Re. He was Vice-Chair of the Macroprudential Policy and Surveillance Working Group and a member of various other committees at the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS).

Shin Research Excellence Award 2017
Thomas Holzheu and Ginger Turner of Swiss Re receive the award, jointly presented by The Geneva Association and the International Insurance Society (IIS), for their paper Natural Catastrophe Protection Gap.

Life Insurance CEO Round Table held in London
The first Life Insurance CEO round table is held in London as part of the Global Ageing research programme. Participants discuss issues such as the impact of low interest rates on the life insurance industry, which helped to inform The ‘Low for Long’ Challenge paper later this year. The forum will be held each year from 2018 onwards as the Annual Life Insurance Executive Round Table (ALERT).

June 2017

Genetics and Life Insurance – A View into the Microscope of Regulation
The use of genetic information for life, disability, critical illness and long-term care insurance is likely to increase in relevance. This report represents an attempt to understand key aspects of genetics, as well as its limitations and the controversies surrounding its utilisation in life insurance.

Guidelines for Risk Assessment to Support Sovereign Risk Financing and Risk Transfer
Developed in response to a request from the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), this report prepared in collaboration with the Insurance Development Forum (IDF) provides governments with a framework for risk assessment to support development of sovereign risk financing and risk transfer programmes.

44th General Assembly
The Geneva Association’s 44th General Assembly takes place in San Francisco, including panel sessions on Disruptive Innovation and Insurance of the Future, amongst others, and a gala dinner at the De Young Museum.

October 2017

Antoine Baronnet joins as Deputy Secretary General and Head of Insight
Association as Deputy Secretary General and Head of Insight. Antoine was Head of Client Business at VP Bank (Luxembourg) SA, and prior to this, led the Private Banking Solutions pillar at Zurich Financial Services.

November 2017

14th Annual Global Ageing Conference
The 14th Global Ageing Conference takes place in Zurich, hosted by PartnerRe. The conference focuses on Competing Influences on Longevity, covering a broad range of topics, from ageing due to increasing longevity and decreasing fertility, to pandemics and antimicrobial resistance.

The ‘Low for Long’ Challenge: Socio-economic implications and the life insurance industry’s response
Could prolonged low interest rates jeopardise the unique socio-economic role of the life insurance industry in delivering retirement solutions and funding the economy? This report explores how life insurers are responding to this challenge.

January 2018

Climate Change and the Insurance Industry: Taking Action as Risk Managers and Investors
This report offers new insights into the role of the insurance industry in addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation goals. Based on input from 62 C-leveI insurance executives, it highlights the insurance industry’s value proposition and efforts to build financial resilience to climate risks and to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

February 2018

Establishment of Digitisation working group
The working group discusses potential research topics such as virtual competition and new business models, algorithms and artificial intelligence, cloud computing and human-machine interaction to determine ongoing research priorities for the Association in the area of digitisation.

March 2018

34th Regulation and Supervision (PROGRES) Seminar
The 34th PROGRES seminar takes place in Zurich. Topics include global geopolitics, the role of the IAIS in times of turbulence, systemic risk and insurance, and insurance regulation in a digitised environment.

20th Annual Circle of Chief Economists (ACCE)
On 22-23 March Munich Re hosts the ACCE conference in Munich. Under the umbrella topic The Digital Economy – Challenges and Opportunities for Insurance, participants discuss how the digital economy has become a reality with deep societal implications.

Big Data and Insurance: Implications for Innovation, Competition and Privacy
This report discusses societal and economic benefits resulting from the use of big data analytics in insurance as well as key concerns that have been raised in public and regulatory debates. It also identifies the key trade-offs deriving from the enhanced use of personal data in insurance.

Understanding and Addressing Global Insurance Protection Gaps
This report offers an updated quantification of insurance protection gaps in the areas of natural catastrophe, cyber, healthcare and pension risk. The paper discusses root causes and potential remedies, taking into account commonalities and differences across various lines of business and country income groups.